2018 Denver Film Festival, 5 Africa-related films

INTO THE OKAVANGO / dir. Neil Gelinas / USA/Angola/Botswana/Namibia/South Africa
This gorgeous National Geographic documentary follows a scientific expedition in search of the source of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. During the four-month journey, the team encounters marauding hippos, peat bogs, minefields, and devastating bushfires that threaten the Delta’s survival.

NUMBER 37 / dir. Nosipho Dumisa / South Africa
Randall has got it rough in this South African thriller inspired by Rear Window: The recently crippled small-time criminal is confined to a wheelchair in his Cape Town apartment, and the violent loan shark he owes knows it. A pair of binoculars may prove to be his salvation—or his undoing.

RAFIKI / dir. Wanuri Kahiu / Kenya/South Africa/Germany/Netherlands/France
Teenage girls Kena and Ziki long for something more than marriage and motherhood; their ambition and independence unites them as they navigate conservative Kenyan society. But when their friendship blossoms into love, they know they will have to make hard choices in this moving coming-of-age drama.

THE RESCUE LIST/dir. Alyssa Fedele, Zachary Fink / Ghana
This engrossing exposé of child slavery hinges on a team of social workers in Ghana, whose efforts to rescue and rehabilitate young boys caught (sometimes literally) in the net of the Lake Volta fishing industry unfold as a disquisition on bravery, resilience, and the meaning of family.

As Kenya cracks down on the illegal ivory trade, poachers risk not only universal moral outrage but incarceration and even death. Why do they do it? This stunning documentary takes place on the front lines of wildlife conservation, bringing rangers and hunters alike into movingly sharp focus.



Zimbabwe’s elections and the country’s historic transition. – Coverage by NPR

Colorado has numerous ties to Zimbabwe. Kutandara, Tafura Sculpture, Kuda Vana Partnership,  and  Nokuthula to name just a few.  Any month of the year you’ll find Zimbabwean music and dance performed all around the front range.

Many Colorado faith-based organizations also have ties to aid programs in Zimbabwe.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some interviews and podcasts we came across.

The following are from Ari Shapiro a co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered who recently traveled to Zimbabwe to cover the historic elections taking place on July 30th.

7 Great African Travel Podcasts

Whether you have an upcoming trip to Africa or you have since returned, chances are, Africa has your attention. Stay connected and learn about this incredible, diverse, multifaceted, colorful, wild continent with some intriguing podcasts. Even if you have already left Africa, Africa does not need to leave you.

1.The Amateur Traveler

Chris Christensen hosts an online travel show where he showcases numerous travel destinations and the must see spots in his travels. From wonders of the world to off-the-beaten-track destinations and places of interest, Chris’ adventures are a delight to share. Be sure to check out his travels to Seychelles, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Cape Town and Ethiopia.

2.Essentials for a Great Overland Safari

Traveling duo and couple Hannah and Adam Lukaszewicz share their stories and experiences in traveling all over the African continent. They offer great country-specific tips and heartwarming stories that detail their enviable wanderings!

3.Rethinking Lion Conservation

A part of the National Geographic Big Cats initiative, experts weigh in on the conservation of lions in Africa. Sparked by the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, biologists and conservationists offer a fresh perspective.

4.Wild Eye – The Wildlife Photography Podcast – Episodes 1-6

Wild Eye has put together a fantastic series of 6 podcasts that cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about taking wildlife photos. From the best places to go, the right equipment to use, to how to make a career from your images; this series is a must for any shutterbug traveling to Africa!

5.Conde Nast – Why You Should Travel to Africa Now: Travelogue Podcast

Conde Nast’s editors offer their wealth of knowledge on how to best travel the African continent. Africa offers more than safaris; activities like wine tastings, surfing, shopping and are discussed. Get to know the best places to go and start planning your trip!

6.Life on Safari by Richard Field

5 episodes of safari guides and conservationists sharing their tales of adventure, conservation of species, humour, and new experiences in some of the most remote, wild places in Africa.

7.Rick Steves – Travel Portraits; Artist’s Safari

Rick Steves interviews portrait photographer Phil Borges, who offers great advice on how to get a great shot of the various people encountered along the way in travelling; wildlife artist Fred Krakowiak and his amazing stories of wild animals and how to best observe wildlife, and travel writer Francis Tapon, and his intention to visit every country in Africa. Unfortunately, Steves overemphasizes the drama of Africa , creating problematic blanket statements that cover the entire, diverse continent. However, Steve’s podcast is still an interesting and informative one, with extraordinary guests.